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Saturday - Sep 10th, 2016

About tAppAds

For users, the ability to quickly and intuitively find products, services and information is paramount, and one of the biggest problems and opportunities for webspace developers.

tAppAds is the go-to directory platform on the web. Bringing all of your categorized content to any device including:

Text/Copy | Images | Video | Maps | Maps | PDF's


LIttle Screens | Big Screens | Everything In-Between Screens

Let your target audience find ANYTHING in your catalog with just a few taps, fast! No page reloads and no back-button required.

tAppAds Is:

  • a Single Page App for the browser
  • an app in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • a kiosk in a resort hotel or resaurant lobby, a library, or a doctors office
  • a one-off website showcasing your collections by category
  • an enterprise scale product catelog for customers and vendors
  • an entire spreadsheet of data turned into a tapp-friendly web application
  • a convention and trade show directory with real-time vendor updates
  • an events directory

Content-Units loaded screenshot

“tAppAds provides a subscription to serve extensive content bases. For businesses across multiple verticals who are struggling to provide reliable cross-device access and sharing of their content, we excel at simplifying the cumbersome for a broad demographic. Many typically expand engagement by 142%, sharing activity by 200%, and member conversion by 70%.”

tAppAds Has:

  • cloud reliability and scalability
  • a beautifully modern, simple, and intuitive admin interface
  • image and video uploads or popular CDN connections
  • groups of content units to serve different targets
  • data fed by remote API or networked secure SQL database
  • secure account access control of discrete content units
  • feedback - of virtually every interaction in the UI

tAppAds Can:

  • be themed with your favorite colors and images
  • customized to the lingo of your content
  • be managed from home, the office, or the shop
  • make your content shine and smoke your competition
  • hang on your website or ours
Techical/Business Model:
  • tAppAds is a SaaS based CCDP - a Categorized Content Directory Platform
  • tAppAds is an acapF framework module
    • built on a solid LEMP stack
    • hosted in the Cloud
    • packaged as a responsive HTML5 application
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